My Co-op

My Co-op is the single, secure entry point to the Co-op ecosystem and simplifies the way you do business with us. From My Co-op, credit union staff can readily access dozens of Co-op applications used in daily operations. All essential applications, including Co-op Knowledge Center, and new Co-op product deliveries are accessible only through My Co-op.

To efficiently access Co-op applications, and in alignment with data security best practices, Co-op applications will be updated through 2024 to require authentication through My Co-op.

Secure, convenient access today!

With just a few simple, initial steps, you can secure your credit union’s and your members’ data and simplify your daily login processes.

  1. Determine your credit union’s My Co-op status. Typically, a credit union designates a leader in operations or card services management as the My Co-op administrator. If you do not know who your credit union’s administrator is, contact Client Care at 800.782.9042 option 5 or email
  2. If your credit union is already set up, users can be added and access managed by your credit union’s My Co-op administrator. User setup is effective immediately, and new users will receive account notifications and login instructions via email. An end-user quick reference guide is provided at the bottom of this page.
  3. If your credit union is not yet set up for My Co-op, here’s how to get started:
    1. Determine the My Co-op administrator for the credit union, complete the form on the right and hit submit.

Note:  While IP address is not required in order to access My Co-op, if your credit union will access Co-op Insights Center, Springboard, or Resolution Center, IP address will be required in order to access those applications.  You can find your IP here:

    1. The designated administrator will receive a confirmation email that we’ve received the request.
    2. Co-op will email the login credentials and next steps to the administrator within 10 business days.

That’s it! The My Co-op administrator for the credit union can review the resources included in the next steps email to learn more about using My Co-op, setting  up users, and delegating access to Co-op applications.

Learn more about how My Co-op enhances the security of your credit union’s and your members’ data and improves efficiency in your operations by viewing our FAQs or visiting our resources page.

We're happy to help!  If you have additional questions call 800.782.9042 option 5 or email

My Co-op Administrator Setup