Co-op is pleased to offer you an extensive research result of credit union members and prospects!

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METHOD: In collaboration with Co-op, EY conducted a market research survey of 2,000 credit union members and 1,000 prospects across all regions of the U.S. to determine preferred banking behaviors.

INSIGHTS: Our research shows that member and prospect interactions and needs have changed in recent years - a trend that has only accelerated during the pandemic crisis. To address these evolving needs and expectations, credit unions must develop a holistic approach towards member and prospect experience by employing “needs-based segmentation.”

Additional insights from the survey illustrate that Primary Financial Relationships (PFRs) are becoming increasingly fragmented, with Fintechs emerging as credit unions’ biggest threat.

  • 30% of respondents reported having their PFR with a Fintech firm
  • 88% of respondents are digitally engaged with their financial footprint
  • 73% of interact online or through mobile only

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