Watch on demand: Co-op Q3 Fraud Buzz

Did you miss the 2023 Q3 Fraud Buzz webinar or want to take a second look at the presentation? You can watch it on demand and catch all the great info at your convenience. This lively webinar featured the latest and greatest fraud trends of the season with Co-op Director of Fraud Prevention, Nicole Reyes and a roundtable discussion with fraud executives on scams their credit unions are facing and best strategies to combat fraud. 

Additionally, we highlighted the importance of an integrated source of identity and authentication to effectively fight account takeover fraud across every step of your members’ payments journey. Solutions like IDCheck by Co-op are part of a multi-layered fraud strategy credit unions can implement to combat the growing threat of identity and account takeover fraud, while driving down fraudulent activity and increasing cost savings. 




EVENT: Co-op Q3 Fraud Buzz

DATE RECORDED: September 21, 2023 

DURATION: 90 minutes  

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